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Open Letter Regarding the Recent Executive Order

Columbia University is one of the world's most important centers of research. It is a distinctive and distinguished learning environment for students in many scholarly and professional fields. Recognizing the importance of its location in New York City, a global metropolis, each school of Columbia University seeks to attract a diverse and international faculty and student body with the aim of driving meaningful change on a global stage. This message was conveyed superbly by our President, Lee Bollinger.

As members of this great university, we, the undersigned members of Columbia Business School, are committed to educating and developing leaders who create value for society at large. Our current students, alumni, and faculty transform the world from global business centers such as New York City, London, and Hong Kong. Over the past ten years, international students have accounted for as much as 44% of our Masters in Business Administration program. Our success in the global business community is directly attributable to our commitment to diversity, inclusion, tolerance and respect for all. Any challenge to these values, in any manner, will always be met with unequivocal opposition.  

We, the undersigned members of Columbia Business School, stand together in complete opposition to the executive order signed on January 27, 2017, as this order jeopardizes the values that are key to our success. Bans on any country, race, or religion, whether temporary or permanent, stand in direct opposition to our global mission. We are future leaders of business and we stand ready to offer our services to solve any of life’s challenges, but we do this together, as a global community, open and welcoming to all who share our vision.

As a school and as a nation, we have always been at our greatest when we have been welcoming and tolerant, recognizing the power every individual holds towards the betterment of society. When faced with any obstruction to this, we will do our part to protect and strengthen the bonds to these values. This is what makes our school, our university, and this country great.

“We are inextricably mixed up with what is going on in the world. It is a spirit that does not look inward at itself, but outward on a city and a world” - Professor Frederick J. E. Woodbridge, 1929

Respectfully, ­

Karim Lahoud

Fatima Zulqarnain

Annie Kurdziel

Anna Aagenes


Sabrina Scandar

Amanda Evans

Christopher Williams


Christopher McVety

Chris Frauenberger

Tory Tevis

Cristian Boldan

James Leighman Williams



Augustus Haney


John A Harms

Ayala Falk


Siddharth Viswanath

Jessica Lucchese

Marc Ziade

Rabia Hashmi

Hugh Barber

Charles Eberly

Eugene Chai

Victor Lee

Sophie Haas

Andrew Bauer

Gaurav Dayal

A. Cemaj

Jean S Fernando

Robert C. Zizza

Nissa Ostroff

Christian Lopez

Raeesa Javed


Jamie Schmidt

Kelvin S. Ng

Dipen Patel


Meghana Reddy

Kaushik K


Daan Smits

Andrea Oran

Lexi Hill

Piero Leporelli


Fahad Ahmed

John Burns



Michelle Chou

Simon Trendelenburg

Andrew England


Gillian Windsor

Antonio Perugino


Cameron Susk

Ian Thomas Krohn

Niara Phillips

Melanie S. Espeland

Levon Eldemir

Katherine JL Canfield



Preetha Rajamani

Alejandro Albagli

Fitz G. Robertson

Sonya Nanda

Aparna Ramakrishnan

Wesam Naqvi Hasnain

Michele Panzeri

Alexander K. Sideman

Russell Cude

Axel Freytag

Stacey M. Warren

Merter Okuroglu

Patrick Huguenin

Lorenzo Prada


Corey Schwitz



Sarah Shenker

George Hampton Franklin


Ana Castro

Cece Chen

Michael Benchimol

J. Roth

Daniel R C Ensslen

Maria Sebastian

Ray Phua

Laila Marouf

Jack Kantelis

Elsbeth Grant

Jenna Stauffer

Lauren Chilton

Christine S. Black

Hailey Denenberg

Kevin Giroux

Preston Murray

Rob Hadick

Annie Ferrer


M. Granada

Ryan You

T.J. Winfrey


Aditya Bhise

Karen Fahmy

Kathryn R. Spradley

Joanna Vu

Louis Aronne

Yaroslavna Bernies

Divya Viveka

Hugues Le Bras

Khaoula Siddiqi



Stephen Kurczy

Jessica Wnek

Will Zhang

Dan Busby




Brett Lacher

Paul Barskiy

Michael Byerly

Sam Longair

Julia Takeda

Akia Mitchell

Prateek Jain

Conor Leary

Alice Rha

Morgan Shattuck

Sampoorna Dasgupta

F. A.

Keri Taub

Sam Fenwick


Roshni Devlia

Molly Magnuson

Nathaniel Franks

Marwa Khan

Stephanie Davis


Chris Russell

Lee Winona Cross

Aaron Marbley

Jessica Prue Rifkind


Yu S.

Emre Tekisalp

Adam Marden

Matthew Miller


Tara Vohra

Yvonne Fung

Asaf Charnilas

Edie Constable

William Campbell

Philipp Renner

Melanie Samper

Thomas F

Ted Ogden

Jonathan Dwyer


Anastasia Pronin

Margaret Rohrmann

Ketan Karnad

Amy Achenbaum



Melissa Wu

Chris Huang

Daniel Wong

Adam Kerbis

Rachel Friedman

Ram Nikhil Dodda


Kathryn Ritter

Francesca N.

Jen Poon

Kate Whitelaw

Youngjo Kim

Fabian McNally

Jeremy Rhodes

Sonia Sugimachi Livdahl



Anshul Ruparell

Matthew Hammel


Lyndon Mouton

Mike DeSouza


Kelly Ann

Heather Li

Nicholas Drayson

Miriam Goldenberg

David Olstein

Jocelyn Doman

Michael F. Malone

Michelle Repak



Stephanie Deutsch

Michael L. Kirwan


Alia Hassan


Wendy De Wolf

Lauren Fulton

Andrew Langer

Johnathan Fingado

Ilia Gorelov

Adam Walder

Eunice Lee

Nicolas Perfetti



Alexia Tamer

Jake Kupperman


Fernando Concha

Eric Perkins

Emily Kingsley-Ma

Sergio Rojas



Charlie Flanagan

Alicia Jayo

Angela Concha


Shagun Chopra


Gautam B

JoAnne Williams

Sonja Weaver-Madsen


Brittany Lutz

Manuel Ribiero

Brian K. Hinds Jr.

Laura Palantone

Jacqueline Eustis


Dan Kempson

Misha Ipatov

Julie Bischoff

Hillary Wool


Gion-Andri Buesser


Dana M Curry

Kim Kung



Massiel Orozco

Brian Hwang

Catherine Griggs

Charles C. Raffini


Teresa Bergel


Alice Andrews

Lindsay Chock

N O’Sullivan


Ellen Yang

Daniel LeBlanc

Alin Sigheartau

Mark Gaw

Dan Josebachvili


Erin Jaeger

Nav Pannu




Patricia Riberas

Will Noyes




Andrew Vogt


Jesse Zannino

Timothy Silver

Anant K. Handa

Elizabeth Kim

Anne Hayford



Camila Lercari

Moiz M Valji

Meredith Milstein

Mandy Yeung

Cayetana Hurtado

Mark Fabros


Danny Kao

Keith Tabin

Arpan Somani



Frank Hayes

Daniel Robbins

Nicolas Barral

Laura Zoradi Shaw

Zahra Ashraf

Brigid Beitel

Joe Gruseke

Courtney Pittenger




Dan McConnell

Deed Ziegler


Shoko Tanaka

Christina Hopkins

Kathryn Brown

Carrie Kmetzo




Amrinder Singh Chawla


Robell Wondwosen

Jarrod A Smith


Jaemin Lee

This Thursday: Welcome to Follywood!

"Because, after all, there are no other social events that night"

Marketing Association of Columbia (MAC) Conference this Friday!

Brand Success in a New Era
When: November 18th 9:30am – 3:30pm
Where: Faculty House of Columbia

Every year, the Marketing Association of Columbia (MAC) invites a group of esteemed guests, speakers, and panelists to speak about cutting-edge developments in Marketing. What do these industry professionals see as the next big marketing trend? How do brands navigate success in an ever-changing digital world?

This year, we’ve brought together an unprecedented range of industries with representation from L’Oreal, Google, MasterCard, Ogilvy & Mather, Bloomberg, and many more. Come join us to learn more about Marketing today from industry experts and network with marketing professionals and recruiters!

Lunch and breakfast will be provided. Free gift bags for all attendees!

Full agenda and registration link:

Lunch with Razak Dawood '68 this Wednesday 12:30pm-1:30pm in Uris 142

I am pleased to resend the attached invitation to a special lunch event which will be held at Columbia Business School next week on Wednesday, November 16, with distinguished alumnus Razak Dawood ’68 Note that the speaking program, over lunch, will be from 12:30-1:30 p.m. and there will be 30 minutes of networking to follow for those who can stay.

To give you preview of the discussion, the session will include:

  • Mr. Dawood’s story of taking over the business from the preceding generation – rebuilding it essentially from scratch to 15,000 employees – and preparing for his children to take over for the past 20 years.
  • The process of building a family constitution, culture, and governance structure, including bringing in outside help and key literature that he found along the way which had great influence.
  • He will likely also speak to the broader geopolitical issues in the region in which he lives - being ready for unexpected challenges and seizing opportunities in a fast-changing environment. He had some very interesting perspectives on regional business opportunities and how the family has responded to them.
  • He will likely also speak to the broader geopolitical issues in the region in which he lives - being ready for unexpected challenges and seizing opportunities in a fast-changing environment. He had some very interesting perspectives on regional business opportunities and how the family has responded to them.

We hope to see you on Wednesday for lunch, networking, and family business perspectives.

The Family Business Program

2nd Annual Patriot Week this November 9 - 11

In memory of Veteran’ Day on November 11, please join the Military in Business Association (MIBA) in celebrating CBS’s second ever Patriot Week!

Wednesday November 9: MIBA and CWiB Self Defense Class
7:30pm - 9pm, Uris 301

Come learn some basic self defense moves to defend against the drunk on your walk home and the pickpocket on the Subway.

Wednesday November 9: MIBA sponsored Rugby Happy Hour
9pm, The Parlour (250 West 86th Street)

Come join MIBA and the Rugby Club to celebrate Veteran’s Day. The theme is Red, White, and Blue, America!

Thursday, November 10: MIBA Veteran focused CBS Matters
12:30pm - 2pm, Uris 303

Come listen to multiple 15 minute CBS Matters focused on veterans and their experiences in the military followed by Q&A.

Friday, November 11: Diversity Matters: Spotlight on MIBA Day
All day Friday, Uris Hall

Over 70 active duty military and veterans interested in the Full-time MBA and Executive MBA programs will be visiting campus throughout the day. If you see some veterans walking around Uris say hello, and make them feel at home.

CRLT Players to perform at Columbia Oct 27-28

The University of Michigan’s nationally renowned Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) Players are coming to Columbia University!

Join us for high-energy, interactive performances that engage audiences in thoughtful conversations about diversity, inclusion, and institutional climate on campus. These performances provide the perfect opportunity to consider these issues as a community and foster dialogue toward the cultivation of inclusive learning environments on campus. The events are free and open to the entire Columbia community including faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, administrators, and staff. Instructors are encouraged to bring their students to the performances.

Sponsored by: Columbia Center for Teaching and Learning, the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Diversity and Inclusion, the CUMC Deans for Diversity, the Office of University Life, and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Register at or via the links below to reserve your spot.

Spring Peer Advisor Deadline: Friday, October 14

As a reminder, Spring 2017 PA Applications are due on Friday, October 14th at 5:00 p.m.

Applications must be received by that time to be considered. Please access the application HERE:

All demographic information is collected to ensure diversity of team members. Please do not wait to complete the application until the last day because it is a reflective process and we recommend that you consult other PAs about their experience with the program. Students selected for an interview will be notified via email and interviews will be conducted in in late October.

Additionally, if you are a first-year and already know that you might be interested in applying for a board position for next school year, please reach out to a board member to discuss further.

We look forwarding to reading your applications.

President Lee Bollinger: Fireside Chat

The Office of the President has invited a small group of MBA and EMBA students to attend a fireside chat with Columbia University President Lee Bollinger on Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at the President’s Home.

Students will be selected to attend this unique event via lottery. At the event, President Bollinger will discuss his vision for the future and the current challenges at Columbia University. Student participants will have the chance to interact with the President through a question and answer session. To enter the lottery and submit your questions, please fill out this form:

The deadline to enter is Monday, October 10, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. Students will be notified of their selection to attend by Wednesday, October 12, 2016.

We hope you take advantage of this wonderful event! Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions.

Best regards
Office of Student Affairs